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driving on I-85 ...

Friday, March 31, 2017
... heading south instead of north. If you are up-to-date on the news, there is a section of the interstate highway missing in north Atlanta, due to a fire. Another great reason to avoid metro Atlanta. My guess (where I pick a number for the lottery for re-opening) is that the highway will be closed for a couple of years. You do know what happens when the DOT is involved with a project, right?The state will defer to the contractor who originally built the bridge. Even though we probably have a thousand engineers on the state payroll who would love to go look at it, lean on their shovels, take off their yellow hard hats and scratch their collective heads.

I had a couple of red plastic Adirondack chairs barely squeezed into the back of my car, that I was looking forward to putting in the back yard. They are there, and I have enjoyed an adult beverage sitting in one of my new chairs. Perfect view of the trees down the slope towards creek. Lots of brightly blooming dogwoods with sparkling white blossoms scattered out on the hillside.

This all started when I was being industrious recently, pushing the wheelbarrow to and fro hauling mulch, and feeling ever so productive. I casually mentioned wishing I had some chairs from which to enjoy the scenery, and a nice cold beverage at the end of the day. A close associate had purchased some really nice chairs, solid, and much more durable than the variety you see on the sidewalk at BigLots.  When I found out the price, I said: "Holy Cow-pie."  I would not spend the funds for chairs with a twenty year guarantee, but happily settled for cheap. With the thought that I can replace them twenty times instead.

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