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results of black friday...

Sunday, November 28, 2010
I did not devote my day on Friday to shopping. But did go to Sears on Thanksgiving morning and get a couple of things to give for Christmas... and am currently pondering the liklihood of returning a couple of other things that I am already wondering why I purchased.

I may be a crappy shopper, but I am a great receipt saver.

The in-laws have a system whereby people only get gifts they really want: everyone makes a list, and the lists are posted in some common, prominent location easily accessible. So everyone else can look at the list, and make a note of what they are planning to 'gift' - a great way to be sure you are buying something that the receipient really has expressed a desire for... and I know there are families who have a 'rule' that you cannot purchase anything for yourself (except the occasional desperately needed underwear) after the first of October, while letting others know of things you would like to have.

And the best way to be sure the receipt doesn't disappear, is to securely attach it to the item, thereby avoiding searching, grief, loss, frustration, monumental aggravation.


TV irritates the **** out of me, but it is so mesmerizing, it is hard to avoid.... kinda like a train wreck: you know you don't actually want to see the horrific view, but you can't make yourself Not Look.

Why would anyone think that guests, people who drove hours to get to your house, and did all that driving specifically to see you, would want to sit and stare at a television for hours, then get up and drive hours to go back home? This does not apply to friends in FL, but aimed at the individual who lives on Lynch Road, who in all liklihood has an addiction that he does not desire to overcome... probably does not read blog either?


Plans had been laid weeks ago for going down to north FL on the Saturday after Thanksgiving to visit dear sweet friends who would be up from Ocala, visiting near Tallahassee for several days. And then the auntie from Valdosta scheduled major surgery for the day before the holiday and was laid up in the hospital in Thomasville.

I got up at 5:30 and drove to Thomasville to visit the disabled until about noon. She said she was glad to see me, and no one there had thought to ask her since admission on Wednesday if she would like to brush her teeth: a pretty difficult task for someone in a horizontal position to complete (but desperation may be the mother of invention). Left Thomas county headed west, and drove to Bainbridge (almost on Georgia's West Coast) then south to Chattahoochee for lunch and visit... went back to re-visit the auntie, and got home about 11:00. A long day? Yes!

Those amusing people from central FL always have a truckload of citrus fruit to share, so I came back to middle GA laden with oranges, we will be eating until next year. Thanks! And a church cookbook to provide inspiration for spending more time in the kitchen, which will likely lead to re-enlisting in Weight Watchers along with all the other 'resolution-aries' in January. Thanks?

I don't see you nearly often enough, and keep thinking I should just get in the car and drive to central Florida: so don't be surprised... though now with reasons for all to travel to Valdosta, that would be a great place to meet in the middle, especially since my family has a long-standing reputation for 'meeting halfway!

that was certainly different...

Thursday, November 25, 2010
The celebration of Thanks was pretty unusual this year. Several people who are single, and normally kind of 'at loose ends' were invited to come lunch with us: but they all had better offers, made other plans, declined, went elsewhere. So despite my best efforts to get up a crowd to gather 'round the table and share a meal, it did not happen. The 'good news' is hours and hours were not devoted to shopping, prep and cooking for a crowd to come and eat themselves into misery - and there is not a monumental pile of leftovers waiting to fall out on my foot tomorrow, demanding attention.

So as things turned out, it was just the two of us, who seem to have a hard time entertaining ourselves. I had even made an effort at sounding sufficiently un-invited and lonesome all day at Publix on Wednesday, telling people I did not have any plans to cook and was not expecting the company of family or friends, and wondering where we would go for lunch: hoping to wangle an invitation from someone who thought we needed care and attention, as well as feeding.... but, No, it was 'just us chickens'. Eating a mostly non-traditional meal that few would recognize as being 'traditional' (except for the celery with cream cheese/olives and apple salad).

Is that not pitiful?

No, not really. I am thankful, and, in spite of being hopelessly math-impaired, continually attempt to count my blessings.

'twas the day before Tksg....

Wednesday, November 24, 2010
The Creative Craft Fair at church went well. There were some who thought it was a great success, and some vendors who were disappointed with sales of their products. I did not sell much: only one of those papier mache frames found buyer, but three others found new homes. I decided I would have a raffle, and sell tickets for a dollar, and let the winner (one each hour) pick from several choices. So I kinda sorta gave away three besides the one someone liked enough to actually pay money for. I was not attending my business when it occured, and was surprised later when I found one had actually sold. That means in ten years, I have sold a total of: 2. (Which would lead one to think I may have some problems with my 'marketing plan'?that does not actually exist)

The raffling of the frames went well: I think I made about $50 bucks @$1 per ticket,plus a little more from the 'face-painting' booth on the side... I never intended for the painting of rainbows and rockets on little cheeks to actually make any any money, but for amusement only. And now have decided: if I am willing to put the effort into organizing a craft fair once a year for the next eight years, and I have about two dozen of the papier mache frames (I packed back in the boxes to bring home and store till next fall) I can raffle off three every year give them all away in no time at all!

I also tried to sell some really nice holiday bows that have been lingering around my house for several years, which I periodically get out of the box and fluff up in hopes of finding them a new home. But even at what I feel was a very reasonable price: no one was interested in having a new ribbon to decorate that same old tired wreath they drag down out of the attic and put up on the door every Christmas.

My original feeling about having the craft show was really just to give people in our congregation and community an opportunity to see what sort of talent we have, get to know people they attend church with every Sunday, and have never met because they sit on opposite sides of the building or attend services at different times. So, Yes, it was a success. I think at least half of the vendors were active members of CCC, and it was very interesting to see some of the things people do that we would have otherwise never known about. Lots of folks who make jewelry, people who make wooden picture frames from old barn wood, soap makers, folks who make and can their own salsa and pickles, lots of bakers/cooks, people who crochet hats and scarves, make tatted Christmas tree ornaments, makers of baby quilts and crochet afghans/throws, ink & ink artists, hand made greeting cards... a very diverse group...

And some were asking if we would be doing in again, wanting to sign up to do it again next year, so I guess I better go rest up.

Oh - and I did have someone who said she loved my hand made frames, and wanted to get several but was having a financial dry-spell, (due to not having a current sticker on her license plate, and having to buy the tag and pay a fine). I asked if she would be interested in putting them on lay-away and pay for them later. So if she does come through: I actually sold five!

getting our collective ducks in a row....

Friday, November 19, 2010
Thinking I could drop by the church today and spend a couple of hours getting things organized for the craft fair tomorrow, I went over about 12:30, and finally left about 6:45. I have decided the best choice at present is to start praying that no one will get so pissed off - and blame me- that they leave our congregation, and quit the church entirely.

It's been a bit more complicated than expected, but since I don't really have any idea how to plan and put on a Creative Crafts Fair, I am hoping it will appear to most of the people who are participants like it is running smoothly. And will ultimately be a successful event. I have no idea what I am doing, though I sincerely hope that none of the people involved are blog readers, and the people who will be coming up asking me about 'what?' or 'how?' or 'when?' will assume that we have already planned for that 'whatever' and give the appearance of being sincerely in control...

Hopefully it will go smoothly: there are nearly forty people signed up as vendors. Some came in this afternoon, and started setting up. That was far more involved than it appeared on paper (esp. since all I had was some index cards with names on them and a big sheet of purple bulletin board covering), but with folks pitching in, everything came together and we seem to be about as ready as we are gonna get....

More on Saturday night: if I do not get tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.... (so quaint not likely anyone will even think of it to use as punishment if they feel like I have done a compeletely incompetent job - but what did they expect for what I am getting paid???)