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readily admitting...

Monday, March 6, 2017
...that the older I get the more willing I am to confess to doing foolish stuff. This is classified as foolish, but also so minor I am not sure that it qualifies as an actual confession. Laugh if you must...

I tell people all the time that I know I won't remember stuff I agree to do, work, meet for lunch, or volunteer activities if I do not write it down on my calendar. I also acknowledge that just making a note is almost as bad as not writing it down at all. Due to almost immediately loosing the scrap of paper, or washing my hands, where the note was wrote. I often appear at work or occasional volunteer projects with notes pinned or taped onto my person, as a reminder. Helping me to remember some grocery item I should purchase before I leave work, or meeting to attend in the course of a busy day. They do laugh at me, but: what ever it takes to get it done is my philosophy.

Circumstances are always changing, and stuff happens that causes me to alter my plans. So, on my essential calendar that keeps my life in order, there are many occasions when I need to 'white out' something that won't be needed, or make a change. I am such a cheapskate that I buy wee little dispensers of white out tape at the Just-A-Buck store, two to a pack, made in China. The package I recently opened when I needed to eliminate something written in ink did not seem to want to work to mask out the changes. I took it to my smart friend to ask her to look at it and figure out why it was not working, what I could be doing wrong to cause it to not mask over the words I wanted to hide.

After she studied, looked, pondered, examined, she reported it would not white any thing out as it was double-stick glue tape. I did not even know they made that stuff in a wee plastic dispenser. But that does explain why it would not cover up the words that I hoped to make disappear.

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