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driving across south GA...

Wednesday, March 15, 2017
...again on Monday, in the rain. My little Toyota is so dependable, has never given me any trouble, ie.: reason to go to the shop for mechanical difficulties, it is a joyo to drive. Times ten when I think of the good gas mileage I get when I am traveling. And how reliable it has been, never causing me to worry.

At least not until The Man Who Lives here kept telling me there was something leaking on the carport floor from under the motor. I had two different people poke around under there, and am convinced the puddle was only condensation, which all vehicles do when you park them. So after that Mr. Fretful scare, I am once again, not concerned about getting out on the road for north, south, west, or east.

I had a day on my calendar with (surprise!) nothing to do, so I went to Florida. Contacted friends who live in Tally after moving up from Ocala last year to be closer to amusing grandchildren. We agreed that we could not come up with any reason I should not visit, so I got up early and drove south. Starting in the dark, veering off the most direct path for a brief detour in Quitman, but was in Tally before 11:00.  We had nice visit, a good lunch (with fresh - really fresh: just picked lettuce salad) and pie.

I took the makings for pie, to celebrate International Pi Day a bit early. The reliable, standby chess pie with cornmeal and vinegar. It seems like I can never get satiated in my desire for chess pie. If I had someone who would eat it all and only allow me one slice, I would probably make it every week. I just cannot get enough. Some people I know cannot abide egg-y, custard-y type things, but I like really like buttermilk type custard pies. Not a big fan of cake or cookies or even ice cream, but that pie is something that constantly calls my name like the sirens luring men onto the rocks in Greek mythology. Luring me right down the slippery slope.

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