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last night

Sunday, August 29, 2010
I persuaded a friend to go with me at midnight to the Country's BarBQue 5K fundraiser for the Visually Impaired here in the mid-town area.

No - we did not run 3.1 miles.

Yes, we did walk, and Yes, we did finish: in just under an hour. About the time I had expected, as I knew if I was not 'lollygagging' along, I can walk a mile in about twenty minutes.

And yes, I am tired, since I finally went to sleep about 2:30, after getting home about 1:30, and woke up 'way too early!

The highest race number I saw pinned on a shirt was 2350, and I expect there were about half that many more on the race-course, who did not register but were out there milling around and doing the race. It has become a real 'event' and was general chaos, probably for several hours before and after the event. I think the fastest of the runners must have finished in about 15 (or less) minutes, (well before we got the first mile completed) and am pleased to announce there were people 'way much slower than us, who were still straggling toward the finish line when we got in the car and left the scene well after 1:00.

new body parts...

Thursday, August 26, 2010
The man with the replacement knee will be discharged on Friday (tomorrow). I am confident that the therapy people, medical staff at Hughston Rehab. would not let him go if they did not think he would be able to get around once he gets home. I assume he will be going to the outpatient rehab. program (of his choosing, rather than back to the Hughston) several days a week for some time after he is released. I am pretty sure he will be greatly inconvenienced by not being able to drive for several weeks until he is released after a follow up appt. with the surgeon. So we will continue to have a great deal of 'togetherness' here at home.

I want to be optimistic that he will be diligent about doing the exercises and follow the instructions of the people he (insurance company and medicare) will be paying to give him the best advice for getting strong and regaining mobility.

He has been in their inpatient therapy twice a day all week. He reported, after the morning session, that he was able to bend that new knee to 90 degrees for the first time today. I know it's got to hurt - if for no other reason than it pulls on the nearly 30 staples that hold the incision closed, and the muscles, joint, skin is still very swollen/tight from mid-thigh to mid-calf.

later than same day...

Sunday, August 22, 2010
Went by the Hughston Hospital/Rehab. to visit the incarcerated patient, who seems to be in good hands, and better spirits. He said when I was there on Sat., that he occupational therapist came in and made him undress, to prove that he could then dress himself...

I have this theory that we would not have to spend half the outlay on guarding prisioners in jail if they were all issued hospital gowns as soon as they were securely locked up. There would be no need for bars to keep them in the buildings, or fences and razor wire to keep them inside the perimeter to prevent escape. Where would those guys go in flimsy, air-conditioned gowns? They would beg to be put into isolated confinement!

I told Paul when I saw him getting into and out of the chair and bed that he seems to be more able than he has been in weeks, or months. Much more adept at getting up and down, on and off the bed, with less discomfort, practically no groaning when he sits down and has to bend the knee. I am very thankful he will be in a place where they will 'push' him to do more and sooner than he would otherwise be willing to force himself to accomplish, and feel that he will be much farther down the road toward mobility after a week of 2x daily inpatient rehab. than he would if he were just strolling along at his on laid-back pace of getting an occasional couple of hours of outpatient therapy several times a week. I am Very Thankful.

sunday afternoon

Paul seems to be doing pretty well, post-surgery. He went to the Hughston Hospital here and had a new knee installed last Monday morning. He had expected, been sorta lead to believe that he would be discharged and back home, though going to out-patient rehab, by the end of the week.

He was transferred to the Hughston Rehab. hospital (actually in the same building, on a different floor, a completely different facility) on Friday, and told he will likely be there for a week. Which I am sure was very discouraging for someone who expected to be told: get outta here, but also an unexpected blessing (for me!) as he was told he did not meet their admission criteria on Thursday, but it was more than obvious that he was not sufficiently mobile to be able to manage independently if discharged to go home.

So he will be getting 'rehabilitated': a much more intense (and hopefully effective) program than he would receive if he were going to an outpt. program for a couple of hours three times a week... so I am very hopeful that he will be able to tolerate the pain that goes with doing the therapy at the level that is necessary to regain the mobility he needs to get back to enjoying life. He has been so limited in recent weeks and months with miserable pain in his knee, and optimistic that he will soon be able to do things he has not been able to accomplish lately... the recovery thus far has been thankfully uneventful, but the process of doing things that are hurtful will be ongoing. I realize that in order to 'get to the place you want to be, you often have to struggle with things that are painful', and the rehabilitation process following total knee replacement surgery is obviously one of those 'things'.