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can't say why...

Saturday, March 25, 2017
... there are times when I deliberately make things so much more complicated than necessary. I want to replace the two blueberry bushes that did not survive the drought last summer. There were three, carefully decided upon, and deliberately chosen to produce berries throughout a longer bearing season. One was an early bloomer, one a mid -season, and one that would bloom later, to spread out the harvest over a number of weeks instead of being swamped with berries for a couple of weeks.

The only one that made it through last summer, and is now putting out new leaves, thinking about blooming, is the one that was chosen to be a late producer. Meaning the new ones I am planning to buy would have to bloom earlier in the year, and therefore have berries ripen sooner. It has gotten so involved. Trying to decide which ones to buy, while moaning and groaning about the cost.

I know there are people who can research a topic or project or airline tickets half to death. Never thought of myself as a 'researcher' until now, but I have had the hardest time trying to get my feeble mind made up. I know I need to go ahead and buy and get planted. But crazieness has had me go to three different places this afternoon trying to see what is available. I've been to two different grocery stores and wallyworld looking at sizes, prices varieties. Had to take a pen and paper to write all the options down and keep everything straight.

I'm nearly, barely, almost, maybe decided. Finally. After two hours of chasing my tail and feeling like I am being held hostage as a passenger on the struggle bus for most of the afternoon. Hopefully a peanut butter and jelly sandwich will be help me come to a conclusion? I think I know what to do, but now that I am home, I do not want to  get  back on the bus, to make the purchase!

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