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you would think...

Monday, March 6, 2017
... I should have gotten over this by now, but I am apparently so adept at carrying a grudge around, it is still lingering in a most annoying fashion. This occurred last Monday, and continues to be a story I am telling in hopes I can recruit other people will be irritated with me. You will perhaps be one of the irritated?

I'd been at work all morning, diligently cleaning, prepping and slicing vegetables. Two varieties of squash, with and without onions, put on black styro. trays and shrink wrapped. Then doing the same with four colors of bell peppers, sliced and mixed, onions added, some with asparagus, some with mushrooms, put on trays, wrapped.  All that onion slicing mixed with the peppers had me thinking of about how good some stir fried peppers and onions would be. Like a nice juicy hot Philly cheese steak sandwich. Or a platter full of peppers and onions in fajitas, to wrap up in nice warm tortillas and let drip through my fingers as I bite into one end. Don't you think that sounds yummy?

As soon as I left work, I called the Man Who Lives Here and offered to go to lunch. Meet him at a place that would make the sandwiches, or wait till later and go to Moe's for fajitas. He said he would rather have the fajitas, so I spent the rest of the afternoon anticipating. It got dark, and I was being patient, ready to go eat nice greasy, hot peppers and onions.

When we got to Moe's, and walked in the door, the Man Who Lives Here said he would like to have a cheese and chicken quesadilla. I was amazed, and possibly stunned. I'd been waiting all day to help him eat a plate of fajitas - he would eat the meat, and I will enjoy the vegetables.

I ended up with a veggie burrito, consuming half there in the store and the rest for lunch the next day. It was good. But I am still thoroughly annoyed about the grilled vegetables I did not eat. A week later, I have probably told that story at least six times, and have yet to get any sympathy...

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