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driving through the woods...

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
...of middle Georgia in the afternoon, with the sunshine slanting through the pines. And hundreds of brilliantly blooming white dogwood trees scattered amongst the densely wooded forest floor. Or  peeking out along the verge of the right-of-way. Prettier than I can every remember seeing them in all the springs over all the years. Spread by berry-eating birds, volunteering randomly in the hills and byways throughout the South.

I worked half a day, then did a volunteer job for a couple of hours, hoping to leave town by mid-afternoon. Finally got loaded up and on the road about 4:00. Headed out from home cruising towards Atlanta enjoying the scenery as the forest begins show a thousand shades of green. Beauty-full pines and leafing out hardwoods along the right of way, with bright white blooms of dogwoods and wild plums sprinkled throughout in the understory.

Finally getting into town, where we all come to a screeching halt after happily speeding along at 79 in a 50 mph zone. Completely-stalled-out-for-no-apparent-reason, as usual. Due to arriving in the mess at the worst time of day when every single one of the eight million individuals is going from A to B.

Getting off that dratted interstate highway, into the city, and ending up on a nice quiet street in a peaceful chicken-filled back yard, with a cold beverage to enjoy. Thinking: Serendipity. I don't know what Webster's Dictionary will tell us is the most accurate definition. But mine is: Surprised by Joy.

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francinasanders said...

I love you too. Alan said after working at my house one day this week that my backyard feels so peaceful.

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