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it happened at school...

Friday, March 10, 2017
...when I had sub. teaching job today. I signed on to take a position at a nearby elementary school as a para. pro. expecting to either be in a pre-K or Kindergarten class. I knew there was also a position at the same school open for a second grade teacher, and though it pays better, deliberately did not agree to do that work. As I expected, the need was greater in the second grade.

There were not a lot of students in the class, less than twenty. Several were pleasant, agreeable, cooperative, helpful. But most of them were determined to show me who was boss. It was a stressful day. At one point other teachers came in the room to remove students, place in other classrooms.

We went to lunch. I fell in the cafeteria, tripped over a little guy who was standing right behind me. I don't know if it would have been better or worse if I had landed on my backside, but the thing that hit that hard concrete floor first was my hip. There were plenty of witnesses standing around who saw the 'incident'. Most likely, all were interviewed to give their reports. And the little boy who was underfoot was really shaken up, but I know he was not hurt.

I was interviewed, report was typed up, faxed to main office. Asked a lot of questions that were unrelated to the event, making me feel like I was getting the third degree.Then I was sent to the main office, to provide the report again. This time hand-written, with my fingerprints all over it. And sent to be drug tested. Standard procedure, I am sure. A CYA protocol. The Risk Prevention Officer at the District office asked about filing paperwork for the district to cover any medical expenses.

I told her I felt OK, thought I would be all right. My original thought was to minimize the entire occurrence, but by the time I got all the documents completed I was persuaded caution was the best path. So when I got to the clinic  where I was sent to pee in a cup, I was ready to establish a history with the doctor's office. By the time I drove across town to one of the professionals on the approved list, present myself for the drug test, I decided: "Yes. I will sign the paperwork to file a workman's comp. claim."

I am sure I will be stiff and sore in the morning, even after applying ice and the cream from Dr. office. I expect to be bruised, look mistreated tomorrow.  But very thankful it was relatively insignificant: I did not crack my head open as could have easily happened.

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