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it was so funny...

Tuesday, March 7, 2017
 ... I thought I might have to stop, pull off the street, and get control of my great amusement before I would be safe to be driving. I think I came to a traffic light, and had the time to manage my hilarity before green. I have been reading a talking book: "The Guardians", read by the author Ana Castillo. It is a bit hard to follow at times, as there is a lot of Spanish in the narrative, for which there is no translation, so some of the details get lost.

The quote that caught my attention enough, for me to write it down so I would not forget is highly inappropriate, but so very descriptive I wanted to share. It is in reference to a group of people who are crossing over into the US from Juarez, and have been stopped at the border. The driver had been drinking, and was expecting to to have a problem. The federales made all the passengers get out of the car, and were beginning to frisk the men. Before they could find the flask of whiskey tucked in his pocket, a thundering explosion caused the police to dash for their vehicles.

As the enforcers were tearing off to the source of the noise, flames, smoke, the driver of the vehicle reported the conflagration off in the distance was likely from a warehouse where petroleum products were stored. He referred to the flames as a "pyromanics' orgasmic dream".  Even though it is thoroughly off-color, it is so descriptive I was laughing out loud as I was driving down the street. Stopping to write it down before it slipped out of my brain.

Can't you just picture this: flames licking up into the clear blue sky, and dirty grey smoke billowing up from the super-heated gas and oil products stored in a seedy run down warehouse.Obviously the work of arsonist, desiring to provide a warning to some one who refused to cater to gang demands for payoffs. People unwilling to provide kickbacks, though it would likely be reported by the policia as an unexplained accident.

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