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and another thing...

Friday, March 17, 2017
...or  two, to go along with that last little tidbit of personal philosophy.

Life is too short to be miserable. Working in a constantly stressful situation. In an environment that causes you to feel anxiety, be on the defensive, fearful of co-workers or supervisors. In a situation where you are too uneasy to carry on a conversation, feeling any bit of inconsequential information will be reported and come back to bite you on the behind.

Life is too short to let anyone steal your joy. This may be the same as the previous one... just a different perspective. I'm thinking of the necessity to avoid people who seem to devote much of their time to being negative, nit-picking, griping, being dis-satisfied instead of thankful. So I guess it applies to people you encounter in the workplace where you do not get to choose who you spend time with.

Life is too short to eat bad pizza. You can usually determine the quality by the price. Frozen is ok. Hot take-out is not essential. It is nice to have someone bring it ready-to-eat to your door. But here's what I know about buying out of frozen case: Do not buy the store brand, or generic, or stuff that comes in a plain brown wrapper. If it does not have a yummy looking photo on the box (or does not even have a box, but a bar code on plastic wrap!) you should not expect to make your taste buds happy with the end product.  I am speaking from experience.  I'd rather make another trip to the store than eat crummy pizza.

More to come when I think of others...

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