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maaayyybe relocating...

Saturday, April 1, 2017
...but just doing some research right now, with the idea of maaayyybe moving to north Georgia. Looking at houseboats and pondering the The Boating Life. What it would be like on one of the lakes created by Corps of Engineer dams, built to control flooding rivers. The lakes also conveniently provide water for communities in that part of the state, as well as recreational opportunities for water sports in warmer months. Which with global warming, (currently being denied as reality) might soon be no longer seasonal, but year 'round.

The Man Who Lives Here has always had an affinity for boats. He actually trailer'ed one from south GA to landlocked Columbus when he moved. Soon realizing how rarely it was actually in the water, he decided to sell it instead of looking like a redneck with things up on cinder blocks in the front yard. He is not much of a 'sports person' any more, although he did enjoy boating and fishing for many years.

We have been talking about selling this house. Though we have lived here for thirty-five years, it's time to consider making a change. Just a little too much to keep up. Along with 'way too much yard to maintain, though I do enjoy digging and planting. I know I would miss making holes in the ground and watching stuff grow.  I do believe we could put it on the market and find someone who would enjoy picking blueberries for years to come!

Considering downsizing onto a boat in one of those reservoirs up in the north Georgia hills. We've not really looked, but I know he would enjoy inspecting, deciding, trying them on for size. And we would be getting rid of lots of accumulated flotsam and jetsam we won't have anywhere to store. I am pretty sure the boats people actually live on are very well designed, with every square inch planned for maximum use like those Tiny Houses that have become of popular with people who are paring down.

Another great benefit of living on the water is lots of friends and family will want to come visit, right? Won't that be good fun, sitting on the deck, gently bobbing in the water, listening to the waves lapping on the sides of the boat while watching the sun set? And possibly have a nice refreshing, ice cold adult beverage as the sun shimmers, reflecting off the water in the cool of the evening...

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