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when walking into...

Friday, March 17, 2017
... a local grocery store this afternoon to pick up a couple of ingredients for dinner, I passed a woman and her son. I just briefly noticed the pair, walking across the sidewalk, and then again when I came out to go to my car. In case you have forgotten to be thankful today, now is your chance.

The mother had her son by the hand. He was an adult, with Down's Syndrome. It would have been totally inappropriate for me to speak to her, so I just nodded as I passed them. But my heart has kept them close since that chance encounter. I am so thankful for capable, intelligent, educated, self-sufficient adult children. Who have gainful employment, doing work they enjoy and find gratifying.

My heart aches for that nameless woman who likely frets on a daily basis about that young man. Wondering what will happen to him when she is gone. Who will care for him? Provide the necessities, as well as love and affection when she is not able. Thinking of all the things she needs to do right now, making daily efforts. Hoping and praying she is doing everything necessary to see that he will have what he needs in the future.

You do have a lot to be thankful for, right?

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