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another waterfall...

Wednesday, March 22, 2017
... viewed on the tour was not in GA. Yeah. So it really wasn't a 'Stay and See Georgia' tour after all, but a 'Drive to TN and Spend the Night' tour. We arrived mid-afternoon, and went to the grocery to get supplies for dinner. I knew they would have left dishes for me to wash, so I started with the clean up while my traveling partner began prep. for the meal. We ate, and laughed.

They told us about a neat place to go up on Signal Mountain, along a road named 'W'. Think about it: So many switchbacks up a steep hill side the signs at the bottom say 'No Semi's allowed'. Reminding me of the road signs we would see when traveling with little people. Square metal sign of brilliant yellow, tipped so it is mounted with corners pointing in compass directions. The only marking on the sign is a black 'S' shape with an arrow on the end, indicating a winding, twisting road ahead. I told the people in the back seat the sign means 'there is a snake in the road'.

We were not surprised that we failed to see that particular scene of beauty, due to the number of Detour and Road Closed someone completely disregarded. I knew there would be a sure-fire way to stop all traffic if they really wanted to. There was a actual gate, padlocked, at the point we turned around. And work trucks parked in the road, barring further passage.

Time to move on. Did we even have a Plan B?  Yes! They suggested a place up on the side of Lookout Mountain, where you could nearly, almost, not quite see their house, 'way off, out there,  down in the valley from the rocky outcrop. It was about a half way up, along the steep road that takes vehicles along the twisty route to the top of the ridge. Where we were instructed to notice a narrow turnout, for vehicles to park, or slower traffic to pull over and let the daredevils speed on ahead along the steep incline.

We parked and walked about a half-mile into the woods, along a well worn path to the place where the falls are viewed. This one really looked like what you expect, walking along a trail, headed to the 'falls'. A torrent cascading over the edge of massive, broken rocks, barreling down into a jumble of fallen rocks, tree trunks and on towards the bottom of the mountain. Probably feeding into the larger creeks that feed the Tennessee River. We stood and looked, then returned from whence we came. Back to the car and back to GA.

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