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pinching pansies...

Monday, March 6, 2017
... was the assignment when I went to volunteer for yard work at the Botanical Gardens this morning. Trying to get all the spent blooms off, to make them want to start blooming again. Even though with this unseasonably warm weather, I think expecting them to continue to be colorful is asking more than they are capable of. Other people were doing some digging, and tree trimming, but my little group was sitting on upturned buckets pinching blooms across a wide bed where the smiling faces of pansies were prolifically putting on a show.

It's not likely I will ever get done all the things that need my attention here at home, so I had to force myself to want to go to volunteer my time. But once I got there, and settled in with fellow plant lovers, enjoyed my morning as much as if it had been a quilting bee. We shared plant lore, good places to eat information, frustrations that will always accompany gardening, stories of successes and failures, commentary about things you should never invite to go home with you as they will eventually demand to be entirely removed from your property.

Plus one of the fellow pansy pinchers had offered some plants to put out in my beautification project across the street at the golf course. She brought her plants, that I hope to get in the ground today. Sadly, I will also have to approach the landscaping guy about what he can do to insure the newly planted shrubs, bulbs will get watered. I've been over to look a couple of times, and it does not appear they are benefiting from the irrigation I thought would keep them alive. Conversation is in order, as I do not want my efforts and donated plants to be for naught due to lack of watering.

All in all, a good morning, spent in the sunshine, with people who like to dig.

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