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finally decided...

Monday, March 27, 2017

...got 'em bought and planted today. I still cannot figure out why it was such a stressful undertaking to decide which ones, where to purchase, whether to even buy them or not. But it's done, and they are in the ground. Perfect example of: why ask for advice if you are not going to take it?

I have a paper/flyer from Ag. experts at U of GA, full of information about care and feeding of blueberry bushes, facts about different varieties, specifics about how to plant, prune, feed. I read it, then got all wishy-washy about actually making the purchase my very own plants. Which, sadly, replace the ones I  bought last spring, but did not mulch, keep watered, care for, nurture, tend, talk to with encouraging words. So they deceased. Looked bad late in the summer, after I did start doing all those things, but obviously not soon enough for them to survive the drought.

I've purchased an 'early' bloomer, and a 'mid-season' bloomer, to go with the one of the three that made it through. Number three, the one that was purchased to produce berries late in the season,  is looking good, with lots of little bright green leaves, and seems to be doing well. All three have been carefully mulched, and well watered. The ones planted today both have lots of blooms on them, and I know I am supposed to trim them back, so they will put all their effort into establishing a good healthy root system. As opposed to standing by and encouraging them to make as many berries as possible the first season. I might even gather up my gumption and actually trim them like the flyer from UGA Ag. experts recommend. I've invested so much labor in the ones that I purchased and planted today, hopefully that will inspire me to do the nurturing to keep them healthy.

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