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whoa! what a productive...

Saturday, March 25, 2017
...afternoon, following a very frustrating experience with being profoundly indecisive about the blueberries. I just had to sweep the blueberry business under the rug for the time being, and  move on to other things. I have been out in the yard working until it got too dark to see. When I watered my foot instead of the plants, that was a sign it is time to quit. Digging holes and planting things: the Lenten Rose/Hellebore I accidentally bought at the Callaway sale on Thursday, and some tiny little violas that will hopefully reseed and come up in profusion next spring.

There is a bed of mixed misc. across the front of the carport, in a place where there is nearly no direct sun. It might get a few  minutes in the middle of the day, but between a wide overhang from the roof, and lots of deciduous trees, there is lots of light, but nothing intense. A good place to put things that like shade. I am crazy about astilbe, and will keep planting in hopes of eventually getting a good showing, when it blooms in the spring. Pretty foliage, and spikey flowers. The ones I started with a couple of years ago were white and pink. But those that were planted in the past couple of weeks are red and purple. They haven't come up yet, but I am really optimistic. And excited, hoping they will grow and bloom in the unexpected amazing colors like the picture on the package.

I've been wanting to put a border of sorts across the edge of that bed, with some rocks that have been lingering around for several years. Raked out all the leaf mulch, sprinkled in some tidy cypress shreds, and got the rocks planted along the edge. Watered those new astilbe, along with the ferns that have not unfurled their fronds and some Solomon's Seal (another shade lover) relocated there last summer. I am ready for the show to begin!

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