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not intentional...

Monday, March 20, 2017
...but it looks like I am going to be enjoying a 'spring break' next week. As the person at the absolute bottom of the pecking order, most of the time I can expect to be working on Sunday and Thursday, with other days randomly thrown in for good measure. It appears that I will be working about 9 hours in the week that started on Saturday.

I cannot explain why the official work week starts on a Saturday. Even if I had the actual information, I do not have the authority to provide it. It's just been a fact since I have been employed all this time. Paychecks run from Saturday to Friday.

Reminding me of a calendar someone gave me once. Being thoughtful and providing mementos for friends who were not invited to go along. When they vacationed in a place where calendars are printed with the weeks starting on Monday, instead of Sunday. After several weeks of attempting to adjust my brain, keep my life sorted out, I put the calendar in the trash. Bought one that was my definition of  'traditional', with weeks running Sunday to Saturday in order to retain  my sanity.

I've discovered when someone is not working assigned hours, I can ask to have their time. Coworkers who are not there for their full forty hours leave a hole in the schedule. There is no actual factual basis for my assumption, but I conclude that vacation time or sick leave pay come from a different pot/budget. Meaning if someone is not at work when they should be, it is possible for someone else to take advantage of the situation. 'Someone' being me, the only person who is hoping for a bigger paycheck from week to week. That 'someone' who is so far down the totem pole as to be below ground level, feeling like the red-headed step-child. Yep, me.

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