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little free library update...

Monday, March 20, 2017
... actually a conversation that occurred with the Media Specialist at the elementary school. These people were 'formerly known as': librarians, before the technology training caused them to wear many different hats, and magically transform into experts in all things tech. A relative who has been teaching elementary school for some years recently volunteered to transfer out of the classroom and into a media job. Astounding, is what I am thinking. Me being the person who struggles with anything math related, remotely related to technology, vaguely sounding of electronics.

While I was there, subbing for a para. pro. last Friday, I went to the media center/library to talk to the media specialist about possibly installing the Little Free Library at the school. My first thought was to put it up on the corner near the house, but there is no sidewalk. Which means no foot-traffic that would come by to peer in the little box for books to read.

Plan B: put it in the parking lot at the church. That proposal was not well received. There was conversation about how 'inappropriate' reading material could possibly appear as a donation. So rather than make big deal, I backed off.

Plan C: approach the retired librarian who lives down the street, worked at the elementary school before retiring. Thinking she could be persuaded to bring it up with the media person/principal at the school. Whereupon they would be more responsive/inclined if the idea came from her. She did the talking, and they have my number.

I actually offered to donate my library box to the school. I told the media specialist I would bring it and leave it at the school after they return from spring break next week. For her to see, talk about with students, begin to make them aware of what it is for, how to use/respect/enjoy. Explain some do's and don'ts, how they should always bring a book to leave for someone else if they take one to read and enjoy.

She sounded like she would consider. I know it will be a laborious process to gain approval. My hesitation from the get-go was due to thinking of all the steps/individuals who would need to sign off in the chain of command. Needing approval from the school Principal, her supervisor, his supervisor, their supervisor, Superintendent, school board, general public when it shows up in the news, US Secretary of Education, Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, POTUS, etc., etc.

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