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field trip...

Wednesday, March 15, 2017
... for my wheelbarrow. It has been on an adventure. There was a big event at church on Sunday, including games and relay races, lots of good eats, bouncy house, hilarity and good cheap fun. When the person organizing the games requested wheelbarrows, I said I had one that would love to attend the picnic. But when I tried to put it in back of  my car - it didn't fit. Going in with the handles first did  not work, and going in with the wheel first did  not have the clearance to get in the back door.

I called a friend who has a truck, and asked if he would give the wheelbarrow a ride. Not sure if, due to weather, the games would proceed. But they did and all the needed 'barrows showed up to play an important part in the activities. I believe the wheelbarrow had a great time at the party.

I assumed the friend who picked it up would also return it in a relatively prompt fashion. Wrong. I called today just to try to find out where it was located, if it had enjoyed the fun so much it might have run off with a traveling carnival. You know: in the same way kids always want to go along when they pack up the circus tents?

It was sitting behind the building at church. That made me sad, to think it has been used, taken out for fun, then abandoned, cast aside when no longer useful. Put out back with the trash cans. I asked if the free-for-all church truck was available so I could come get it and drive it back home, to show it some affection. It's right back where it belongs, and I think happy to be home again.

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