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driving across south GA...

Saturday, March 4, 2017
...in the early morning light last Wednesday. I love to be out there, puttering along as the sun comes up across the fallow fields and pastures, slanting through the piney woods and palmetto scrub. Especailly this time of year, as the landscape is coming to life after the dormancy of winter. There is always a lot of green out in the woods, with volunteer red cedars and pine trees, so the scenery is never as colorless as it would be in other places.

To see the trees that have been bare, leafless, gray and looking completely dead in the winter months, suddenly showing signs of life as they awaken is always a treat. Maple trees in low-lying areas, putting out their tiny leaves, buds unfurling in shades of rose and rust. Redbuds, volunteering out in the understory, providing spots of color, among the acres of planted pines randomly blooming with tiny lavendar flowers along limbs of drab gray twigs. Soft shades of lightest green as leaves reach for warming sunlight after months of barren limbs.

Startlingly bright yellow tubular blooms of Carolina jasmine twining into the tops of trees, vines growing sunward. Brilliant yellow of undesirables blooming in fields as farmers begin to till and prepare their land for planting. Purple of native verbena blooming in the median and along the right of way. New life abounds as the world turns and seasons change...

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