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inching closer...

Monday, March 20, 2017
...to the required number of days that are minimum to remain in good standing with the substitute teaching system in public schools. I have not taken the time figure out what causes me to think this is important. Why I continue to feel  a sense of urgency to reach that number I cannot say. Thinking it is necessary to keep myself on the list for future work. It is certainly not essential to my welfare, and often gives me with a stress headache by the time when I am finished for the day.

But sub. I did last Friday. In a pre-K class at the elementary school down the street from the house. One that I can get to in about three minutes if traffic is  not horrendous. The day was a sort of a good news-bad news experience:  there were three other adults in the room. There were lots of students with issues that required extra attention and support. There was plenty of assistance for a variety of routine daily events and constant challenges, minor frequent child-sized crises presented to teachers.

I failed to eat lunch, expecting to find something in the cafeteria. But could not make a decision about the two choices: baked chicken or BBQ pork sandwich. Only had a five dollar bill so could not eat lunch out of the vending machines in teacher work room. Which is another reason for having an ache-y head at 2:45.

It was a relatively uneventful day. Thankful I am incrementally closer to the magic number of ten days for the semester. Surely accumulating the two more before mid May will not be difficult.

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