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best ever ...

Saturday, March 11, 2017
... therapy: hole digging. Very satisfying, especially if you have something you want to plant, which we all do, this time of year as things begin to grow and green up. Seems like as soon as the sap starts rising in the trees, we get itchy to be out there, puttering, observing and putting things in holes.

After working half a day, from 6 am till 1 pm, I came home with a mental list of things I hoped to get done this afternoon. On the way in this morning, I heard on the radio 'if you live in Georgia, you should expect rain on Sunday'. Inspiring me to want to get some stuff done before a nice drenching will occur tomorrow.

I dug up some butterfly bush when I was working on my little project across the street at the golf course, transplanted, but not expecting much from them, as they were the better part of a week without getting watered. I hope that problem has been resolved. But it has rained a couple of times, so do not know if the irrigation is working, or rain has helped.

I continually find more 'children' as the butterfly bush spreads underground. A couple got relocated out on the north side of the house.  I wanted to dig others to give away. A couple of friends will find themselves gifted, and benefiting from some 'free therapy', when they will have shrubs  to plant. If you would like one for your landscaping, now is the time to put in your request.

Plus, the person who swore to would never plant tomatoes again: bought four at K-mart this week. My peeps in VA sent a planter that they had amazing, remarkable, 'as advertised on TV' success with on their deck, so I will give the cherry/grape size another shot. You may recall that those big fat nasty worms enjoyed most of the ones I planted last summer? I feel compelled to try again with that nifty planter and expecting the little bite sized tomatoes will do well. Got those planted hoping they will get watered with tomorrows' rain.

Dug up more of those aggravating little onions that come up every where. I have carefully, deliberately pulled up several hundred in the past couple of weeks. Some with tiny bulbs no bigger than a pin head, some with bulbs as big as the end of your pinky. But if you do not get every last stinking one, they will definitely be back next spring.Arrgghhh....

Rearranged some succulents that were doing really well in a big rectangular concrete planter on the driveway. Now there are two planters that will have the blistering-heat-loving sedum in them. I feel very productive. And tired. I can tell when it is time to quit when my back says 'you've done enough'.

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