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Saturday, March 4, 2017

... know how my team did at the fundraiser Trivia Bee on Tuesday night? Me too. I have (nearly) no idea how we finished in the standings - other than 'way down on the list of competitors. Thought we should have gotten some recognition for the decorations on our table.  But I do not think we left with any sort of awards, or consolation prices, or raffle winnings. I know the whole event was designed to be fun, and provide financial support for the Literacy Alliance, but we were lucky to get out the door with full head of hair, and pride intact. The questions, researched by a local librarian, and read by a local news personality,were frustratingly obscure.

I went to see a friend who is a retired art teacher and has lots of paint brushes, assorted supplies, things I hoped to borrow to make us look like 'artistes', talented and/or smart. She loaned some brushes, and big cans of paint. I had a very loud flowery-printed sheet to use as a table cloth, and cut out big brightly colored letters from poster paper: C A G (Columbus Artist Guild) to tape to the font of the table decorated with paint brushes and gallon cans.

There were three other people on our team. A total of maybe a dozen different teams competing. I am pretty sure we were not the most worst. I choose to believe our team did not come in last, due to being situated next to a table of hockey players. Young guys in their 20's, who had so much beer to drink in the course of the evening, we hope they had designated driver when it was over.

We didn't win, but neither did the group that won for the past two years. Those were some very difficult questions. I felt pretty good about my useless information when I went to the first  practice, as I did know quite a few answers. But at the second practice, I suggested we should go ahead and forfeit. Voted down by fellow team members, but looking back - that was not the worst idea I have ever hatched.

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