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update on the auntie...

Saturday, March 4, 2017
...after I spent the day driving to Valdosta and back. Leaving home in the dark, last Wednesday, about 6:00 am, and returning in time to flop into bed about 8:30. Feeling wiped out from a day of sitting doing practically nothing. Met with the attorney who specializes in elder law, with a plan to start the process of application to County Probate for Guardianship. I'd become convinced early in the year it would be wise to begin this, so when the time comes (and most assuredly will) when another health crisis occurs, her family will be ready with the legal authority. Have the ammunition to enforce some necessary decisions about her health and welfare.

My cousin from Decatur met me for lunch, we had time to talk and mentally prepare. Met with the lawyer and spent about ninety minutes providing back story and history. I am lead to understand the process will likely take about three months, if we can provide the information needed to file documents. At some point early on, the Auntie will be informed about our plan to establish the guardianship, have an court appointed attorney, and given an opportunity to refute our opinions before the (newly elected) Probate Judge. Who will either approve or deny the request.

The attorney has encouraged us to file for Conservatorship as well. The difference in the two being that a guardian is charged with the welfare, health and safety of an individual who appears to be incapable of managing independently. And the conservator is responsible for good stewardship of the individuals' financial business.Could be the same person, or two different individuals, or a family member and a accounting professional.

The cousin has lots of financial information, and will provide as much as possible to the attorney, who will file documents with the probate office for both positions. In addition, her brother was able to persuade the auntie to complete a form that allows him access to banking business. So with the info. we have on hand, possibly as a result of  maybe opening some of her mail when she was medically incapacitated, we can move forward on the petitions.

Hopefully I  will not the appointed as conservator, due to being chronically math impaired, but will be assigned the responsibility managing her welfare. She will most certainly be opposed to all this, thoroughly disagreeable, and balk at  idea that she is not perfectly capable of handling her physical care and financial resources. Which is where the backing of the courts will be most useful.

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