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possibly mis-lead...

Wednesday, March 22, 2017
..or more likely just un-informed, but I am the one who lost something in the translation. I left home on Sunday afternoon to drive to Decatur, thinking I had been recruited to do some house painting on Monday.We had talked about it. I was expecting to be put to work. I like being useful.

I even had my paintbrush at the ready. When it comes to painting, I am always prepared. My best house-painting brush lives in my car, so I will never miss any opportunity when someone is broke down and stranded along the highway in need of a painter.

But when I got there: my fave-o-rite thing to eat was ready for me. We had bruschetta. Something I tend to eat as long as it is available. Meaning stuffing it in, until I need to go lay down for a nap. Especially pleasant last Sun., as I had failed to eat lunch, due to taking my break to attend church instead of eat.

I mistookenly assumed the plan was to paint on Monday and travel on Tuesday. After having my bad spelling corrected: we left town on Monday without making a mess. I was not helpful with the painting project. There are some nearby friends who have been recruited to help with the work.

I did apply a lot of masking tape in the two rooms to be painted, when we got back to Decatur on Tuesday afternoon. Around door and window frames, along baseboard molding and edge of ceiling. I sincerely hope all that masking tape did not fall off overnight, landing on some unsuspecting sleeper. If so it would surely induce a  heart attack when you awoke from a sound sleep, dreaming you were tangled in a giant spider web, and finding it true! Plus the tape will need to be re-applied today before they can get underway. It was of the easy-removal variety that is supposedly designed for painters, to protect areas you do not want to paint, while being easy to remove after the fresh layer has dried. Hopefully it did not spontaneously remove prematurely.

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