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only bought one...

Thursday, March 23, 2017
...when I spent the afternoon at Callaway Gardens volunteering at the Spring Plant Sale. Which is really pretty impressive. I tried my best to stay in the little area where I found myself a job. Not looking around. Keeping blinders on to avoid seeing things I would want to take home. Deliberately not browsing with other vendors, looking at all the wonderful, amazing, delightful, tempting bloomers they grew and trucked in to lead me astray.

The man I was helping was from Hendersonville, right along the NC/SC state line, has a plant nursery called Big Frog. I had never met him before, but just walked up and introduced myself, asking if he needed help and could put me to work. He did and I spent the rest of the day pricing, fluffing and moving plants around. He had some yummy Hellebore also known as Lenten Rose, as it flowers around the time of Lent in February. I accidentally bought one.

There is a bed in front of my house that never gets any direct sun where I hope it will be happy. I've put out some astilbe, ferns and think it will be a good spot for the Hellebore. Shady and damp, which is what they like.

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