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update on the auntie...

Wednesday, May 31, 2017
... is nearly as surprising to me as it will be to anyone who reads this.Wow. The auntie has been relocated, very much against her will. The petition to probate court for guardian was approved. And we proceed. When we were in court two weeks ago, and the judge asked what the plan would be in the petition was granted, the first thing suggested was to get her someplace she could receive needed nutrition, regular meals, proper medications and be around other people.

I don't think she was eating right, to maintain health (as evidenced by continual weight loss and chronic UTI), anyone who talked with her could tell she was struggling mentally (which will hopefully improve with someone around to supervise and dispense Rx). She was constantly calling people at all hours of the day and night complaining of being alone, fearful, anxious, not knowing where she was (all the while dialing these middle of the night pleas from her home phone.)

She was taken to a facility in south GA where she will get all those things. When she arrived, she was very angry, ferociously swearing and threatening everyone within spitting distance.  Determined that she would throttle the responsible parties at first opportunity. Then decided she really liked one person on the staff who tried to assist her, and settled down to some cake and ice cream.

The people with experience in this type situation say when you finally get that recalcitrant individual relocated you need to make yourself scarce. Keep your distance, stay away for a week. Give that obstreperous dementia-consumed person time to adjust, settle in. Then bring ice cream when you are finally brave enough to go for a visit.

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