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book review: "Atlantic Union"...

Thursday, May 11, 2017
... by Adam Haslett. Please notice that it is a review and not a recommendation. I've read several lately that were unremarkable and not something I would encourage others to devote their time to. Actually not even worth searching out if you cannot find it at your local library or on Amazon.

This was another I recently checked out on Cd's from the library. I think there were nine discs in the box, so it was fairly long. Randomly chosen as possibly worth listening to/reading while driving. It was interesting, in an odd sort of way. I don't recall ever having read something where every character in the story was so thoroughly dysfunctional. It had to do with people in the banking industry, taking advantage of insider information on the Japanese stock market.

Now that I think of it, have to wonder why I listened all the way through. Looking back, I am surprised I actually finished the book: I suppose hoping for a different outcome, wanting the bad guys to get their 'just desserts'. Things definitely did not work out well. Reminding me about how often people in places of influence can become so insulated from reality they think it is acceptable to conduct their lives by a different set of rules. Feel free to read between the lines here, and think how often the same applies to people with political sway/influence.

I am often both appaled and frightened by the stuff that goes on in the world.  We all know that 'bad news' is the stuff that makes for juicy headlines or top stories at six o'clock. Capturing the best of prime time viewing, even though it makes us shake our heads in wonderment and disbelief - amazed at the greed or stupidity (or both) of people in positions of authority, often elected by constituents hoping for improvements.

They seem to feel like they lead such privileged lives they are not required to abide by the same laws as the folk down in the trenches, working people far removed from the heights of upper floors with corner offices. Remember Bernie Madoff and his pyramid scheme? How could so many people be so naive?

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