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book review: "Lucky Us"...

Thursday, June 1, 2017
...written by Amy Bloom. Copyright 2014. I recently read and reported on another book she published, enjoyed her style so much, I put in a request for this one. It was sweet, funny, filled with characters so lively and believable I did not want it to end.

Plenty of struggles with daily life, all manner of family dysfunction as we all have if we are willing to confess and laugh at ourselves. People who don't always like their circumstances or the situations they find themselves in but seem to be able to make the best of the crappy hand life has dealt them. Eva and her older sister Iris leave a bad situation at home, in the mid-west, aiming for Hollywood, where Iris has dreams of success and fame.

Their dad shows up unexpectedly, literally on the doorstep. An unlikely group makes a cross country drive to NYC, laughing, singing, reciting, reading aloud for 3,000 miles. Twists and turns, characters they encounter, make it a very entertaining experience, as the reader travels along while they muddle through life.

This was the only other book available from the library of several this author as published. But such a good story, well written, and laughable, I will request others through the loan program. Amy Bloom teaches creative writing, has won several awards for her work, so hopefully there will be more equally amusing tales in the future.

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