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when the opposing attorney...

Friday, May 19, 2017
...was asked what it is about me that the cantankerous auntie finds so objectionable, he reported she 'did not want to talk about it.' All he would say is that in conversation with her, he discovered I am 'not her favorite'.  Understatement of the year.  This took place in the courtroom when the judge had taken a short break and left. Thankfully she was not privy to this conversation.

This from the attorney we met for the first time on Wednesday who was appointed by the court to meet with the auntie. His job was to make sure she was aware of the petition for guardianship and knew what it means. He reported that she was so unable to carry on a conversation he felt it would not be beneficial for her to even appear in court. I do not relish the task he had of being the one who would attempt to explain to her the judge's decision.

I suspect we have lost the chance to unearth the reason she is so angry at me, and opposed to anything I might suggest. It would be most enlightening to know what little seed has been planted and nurtured in her brain to be so certain I am the source of all her misfortune. I have not the slightest inkling of where this animosity came from, as I feel I have spent  more time with her, devoted more of myself to her than any living relative. Only to be taken aback by her anger, and surprised by statements she has made to relatives and friends about her resentment that I continue to exist.

She has blamed me for everything from to stealing her car keys to stealing her car. Taking her driving permit from her purse to telling the state department of motor vehicles they should tell her I said she is not allowed to drive her car. She holds me responsible for everything that has gone awry in her life.

I wish I had some insight into what incident could be the origin of this fixation. I am so curious as to why and how she leapt to the unlikely conclusion  that innocent me should be cast in the role of Bad Guy. But as she continues to slip away loosing more and more of her mental capacity, that will likely never be answered.

I expect there well be major opposition when the time comes for her to relocate, make a change from the familiar environment and routine of her daily habits. Hopefully we will figure out some way for the transition to be relatively peaceful to keep the agitation and confusion at a minimum. The idea of doing the 'good cop-bad cop' game has occurred, as she seems to have much more affection and appreciation for my cousin - though I am not certain the feeling is mutual! A little of the auntie goes a long way.

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