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they are really something...

Sunday, May 7, 2017
...those smart capable Girl Scouts who were at the awards event this afternoon, being praised and feted for their accomplishment. I am so impressed by these young girls who set goals, figure out how to get to where they want to be, and work to achieve their dreams. Some were really young, of middle school age, who planned projects and did some really neat things to improve our community.

The two who were receiving their Gold Awards were amazing. I am sure I was not that motivated at such a young age. The projects they dream up, plan and implement must have a long lasting impact, either locally or globally in order to meet the parameters of the Gold requirements. One of the girls started a club at her high school that would raise awareness of issues related to females, make the students in the school more aware of their gender bias. And then started the same club at another school, to widen the influence and impact of the programs she would share with other students.

The younger girls were doing their projects as a group: things like working with senior citizens to get them exercising, moving to improve health. Collecting bottle caps to accumulate enough to send off and have them made into a bench, then donating two benches to the community.  Seeing a need, then planning, reaching out to the community to find the resources and doing the work to improve scout property. Creating a butterfly garden to provide food, shelter, water while attracting pollinators.

What is so striking about all of the projects applauded today is every one of the girls who devoted her time in an effort to reach the desired outcome was not thinking about herself or the pride she could take in her accomplishment. They have seen a job that needed doing and proceeded to figure out how they could solve the problem. The girls, both junior high aged, and graduating seniors had a desire to make an impact, serve their community. They are, of course, lead and guided by the adults who serve as mentors and models - moms, aunts, family members and friends who see the potential in the sparkling eyes and bright minds of the next generation and gently nudge them into service.

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