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feels like summer...

Monday, May 15, 2017
...when I get out in the yard mid-afternoon. I have some things I need to get planted, and since it rained over the weekend, now is a good time to try to take things out of pots and put in the ground.
I lucked up on some sort of mysterious perennial salvia from gardening friends, that reportedly blooms yellow, and will put on new flowers all summer long. Meaning it will make the pollinators happy, along with the butterfly bush and red salvia already in bloom.

Someone gave me a fall blooming clematis that is so fragrant it is almost cloyingly sweet. It likes to climb, so it will have to go someplace it can twine along a fence or inch up into a tree. And I accidentally bought some of those little 'fake' petunias, the things that have a trumpet shaped bloom, but much smaller than the traditional ones. They are called 'calibrochia' and are very similar in habit to petunias - blooming all summer, though they get sort of leggy, stringy-looking and need a trim to get them tidy. There are several sitting in pots on the concrete driveway that need to be relocated, into larger pots, or hanging baskets, just needing some motivation for it to occur.

I might have possibly veered off into the Kmart parking lot today, wondering if there was anything interesting in the garden shop. And drove veeerrrrryyy sloooowly across the front of the store, but did not park and go in, so was able to prevent myself from being lured into buying more stuff that would need a home. There was actually pretty good variety of plants on pallets, lot of green growing things near the front door, hoping to go home with someone desperate to make a Mother's Day gift purchase, perhaps?

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