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apparently a herd of monkeys ...

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
... came through the area today while I was at work.  Back story: Someone one who is crazy about me, gave me a nifty little tomato plant for a gift. The fruit is heart shaped. We actually had a shipment of these little plants come in from the warehouse to my workplace, and apparently sold them all. They were pretty, nice sized plants, loaded with fruit.

Late yesterday afternoon,  I transplanted it into a five gallon bucket, with good dirt, lots of osmocote to feed it all summer, and watered well. There were a number of little tomatoes on the plant, beginning to change color, thinking about getting ripe. Making my mouth water, as I did all the nurturing things to make it happy, encouraging it to ramp up production.  Probably half a dozen of the little thumb sized fruits were turning yellow, giving me the idea that I would soon be making salad.

When I went out this afternoon to water, all those nearly ready tomatoes were lying on the ground around the bucket. Some half eaten, some just tossed aside. Some stepped on and smooshed. Could it have been deer? Was it squirrels? Would chipmunks do that? Where could the monkeys have come from?

I was so annoyed. There are still lots of wee little tomatoes out there on the plant, that will hopefully grow, turn red, be tasty when harvested. But what sort of animal would have pulled them off and not eaten, just thrown down and stomped? Reminding me of those tomato plants I devotedly nurtured last summer that the big fat nasty green worms ate. Causing me to not get even one tomato to enjoy. And also making me swear I would never plant tomatoes again. Liar, liar, pants on fire.....

I just googled up 'what is a herd of  monkeys called?; and find it is a 'troop.'

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