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probate court: part 2..

Saturday, May 27, 2017
... the person who was willing to drive from Atlanta to Valdosta to get paperwork from the attorney's office to the bank nearly had an uneventful trip. Until I was about thirty minutes north of my destination, when I got a call from Valdosta. A nurse in the ER at the hospital reporting my aunt was there and they were not sure what to do with her. Unbelievably, I was only a half hour away.

After taking care of banking business, I went to retrieve the auntie. She was not very communicative, so I knew she did not want me to be there, or anywhere near her person. We went to get some lunch that did not suit her.

Then a visit to her doctor's office. She needed lab work done, as I was fairly sure there was some medical problem. Yep. We picked up the first dose of a ten day Rx, and I took her home. Home was not my first choice. But could not get her into a facility without proving a non-reactive TB test. What a mess.

She totally flew off the handle with me in the exam. room, when the PA asked which pharmacy to use, and I answered for her. I was accused of minding her business, telling her what to do, and being 'bossy', which according to her I have been doing since I was four years old. Now is a good time to remember that she has dementia, and cannot remember anything: especially something she said two minutes ago. So I forgive her for that. And might find it amusing.

I will have to do some soul-searching and ponder on this. The trait that popped out of her mouth is one that I have never ever considered for myself. I can tell some things I know about me, but this is not even remotely me. Completely unwilling to confront, rarely standing up for myself, taking the easy way out, always agreeable, reluctant to be the one spoiling for a fight. I cannot imagine how, why, where this came from.

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