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a new one for your consumption...

Saturday, May 27, 2017
... an expression that you will enjoy when you find many occasions to use. Found in the course of the trip we made to Seattle and Portland. We spent most nights with a friend I had met when we were both with child, and those children are now in their mid-thirties. As well as most of our days when she was an excellent and accommodating tour guide. Chauffeuring us local points of interest, places of historic note, and geographical wonders as well as 'off the beaten path' odd-ball places we still enjoy laughing about.

Because we have birthing classes and actually delivering in common there will always be a connection. So we can start a conversation in one decade and pick up the thread in another. A sweet though distant friend. Daughters born about the same time, who were forced together as infants do not have that bond we do though I wish they felt like Twins Separated at Birth.

We went to see her daughter briefly, and had a short visit with bustling household. One of the granddaughters related a story about a classmate who seemed unable to focus, stay on task with assignments. Referring to the student as 'la-de-da-ing around', which seems to be succinct and self-explanatory.

I have enjoyed finding occasions to use that term, and have applied it to a variety of circumstances. There are people in my life who seem to have perfected it as an art, spending excessive amounts of time doing what my mom would refer to as 'lolly-gagging' and I would call malingering. But the term of la-de-da-ing makes it sound much more enjoyable. Feel free to adapt and apply as you find opportunity.

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