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not unexpected...

Saturday, May 13, 2017
... due to the retails sales event called 'Mother's Day.' I knew I would be working more than the usual fifteen to twenty hours of work/pay I have had in recent weeks. The inexplicable scheduling causes the work week to start on Saturday instead of a Sunday or Monday. Meaning today is the first day of this new week. I have been told to plan on working forty hours between now and next Friday. Makes my brain and feets tired already, and I have not even begun the uphill slog.

Lots of plants: lilies, hydrangeas, azaleas, roses all in pots. Lots of dozens of roses at a really good price. Lots of mixed bouquets that I am constantly trying to tell people will stay pretty, last much longer than the roses they feel compelled to buy for wives, mothers, significant others. The thing I dislike the most are the hydrangeas that have to be watered at least once a day, or the huge oversized blooms start to wilt, making the plants unsaleable. I go around several times each day and spritz them with water, on the gigantic mop-head blooms and leaves,  to try to keep them fresh looking just long enough to get through the check-out line and out the door. If they start to look deflated as soon as they get into the parking lot, that's not my problem!

I've been in retail floral for many years, and knew what it would be like. But like the feeling of seeing a tidal wave (cannot spell tsunami- maybe spellcheck will do it for me?) coming in the days leading up to Feb. 14 when Valentine's Day is so exhausting, always thankful when it is over: knowing I survived. Have a little break and take a deep breath, then begin to anticipate the next big 'occasion'.

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