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probate court: part 3...

Sunday, May 28, 2017
... you might also be wondering, just precisely why: was she in the ER at the medical center? The story I heard was that she had called 911. Which is in itself remarkable, due to the fact that it is what we had been trying to get her to do if she had a problem. The number anyone can dial would be most likely to get a response.

EMS did answer and did respond. She was apparently dressed and ready to go for a ride at 6:54 am when she was taken to the emergency room. My assumption is that the EMTs got to her house and checked her over, found her relatively stable (physically) and did not know what to do with her, so they transported her to the hospital. Whereupon the staff  did the research, found her history and discovered the next of kin, explaining why I got the call. While I was most fortuitously already en route.

Why she called 911? According to what I was told when I arrived  to retrieve her, she was 'lonely'.

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