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a day for remembrance...

Tuesday, May 30, 2017
...and honor those who served our country: celebrating Memorial Day with family. We went to the Infantry Museum for a dedication of a granite paver to honor The Man Who Lives Here. It involved some subterfuge and sneaking around. I think he was suitably surprised by seeing family members he did not expect.

He told me months ago, maybe last year, about a friend and fellow volunteer whose family had a small paver made with military info. on it, installed along the edge of a wide walkway through the Avenue of Flags at the Museum. That family came together to be present for the dedication and lunch in the restaurant for some family bonding time. The friend, RW, asked The Man Who Lives Here to join his family for lunch. A happy event with extended family gathered around.

I thought: 'What a sweet idea... I should do that.' Got the paperwork to complete the order for the small brick-sized paver, but could not decide what the inscription should be. So, though I wanted it to all be a big surprise, I had to ask him about the wording. Limited space and too much to say. He decided and we sent the form off. You get a little replica, paper-weight sized granite block when you place your order, but I requested four more, for all the daughters to have one.

He did not know all the daughters were coming to be present at the dedication, and stay for lunch. I know he was surprised, and I think delighted to see them all in one place at the same time: everyone showed up. It was a blistering hot day, sitting in the morning sun for the thankfully short ceremony. Invocation, introduction of various dignitaries, brief speech given, prayer, taps and all done.

We went inside the refreshingly cool museum. Up stairs to lunch in the restaurant. Where one of the daughters got a call and had to leave. She is a midwife and expected to not even attend, but at least got through the dedication and photo taking before dashing off for baby delivery.

After lunch we went to view the newly installed and dedicated paver. More photos and everyone left to go their separate ways. All driving for hours to get here, and more of the same to get back home. Thanks for coming.

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