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speaking southern...

Saturday, May 27, 2017
...was my thought after I heard someone refer to wishing for an 'English to Southern' dictionary.  Having lived in the South all my life, I think people from other places are the ones who have poor diction and unusual accents. After a lifetime of Georgia living, so accustomed to the vagaries and oddities of the way people from the southern states talk, it sounds like 'normal' to me.

The word in question was 'wirehouse'. When someone had spoken of needing to retrieve an item that had been placed in storage. This person was completely baffled about the word. Unable to figure out why anyone would: a) construct a facility of wire and b) bother to store anything of value in such a building.

Later discovering the word he failed to understand was actually the drawn-out southern version of warehouse. Which of course, makes much more sense than thinking that a person with even the least amount of common sense would choose to create a construction of wire.  And then expect anything of value to be safely stored within.

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