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probate court...

Saturday, May 27, 2017
...just to keep those who have been sitting on the edge informed. The family drama continues apace. There are surely those who wonder why I did this to myself. Along with 'what were you thinking?' But the simple truth is someone needed to do it, and I found myself in the position of being Somebody.

The auntie has no short term memory, and there is no point in attempting to remind her of things. Like a conversation we just had five minutes ago, or something we did together when I was nine years old. Nothing 'sticks', like those movies you have seen where the lead character cannot recall events from the previous day and gets important facts tatoo'ed as a reminder. Which is ok, unless you are declining into dementia and will eventually forget how to read.

It took the better part of a week for the process of getting a bond approved and returned to the court. While I thought we were waiting for the court to issue and deliver the document, in reality the Judge was waiting for the bonding process to be completed. Then, and only then, can the order be issued. So it was Friday, just yesterday, before the paperwork was available.

I had prepared to drive to Valdosta to get the paperwork from the attorney, and take it to the bank to secure the auntie's finances. Fearful that she would do something that the bank staff could not prevent, even though they could clearly see there was a problem.  The manager was most willing to help me with transferring authority to keep funds safe.

Even though I was not mentally prepared to devote my day to tending to her business, I am practicing the art of adaptability. Which  means, I suppose, flexible enough to be willing to allow her needs to take precedence. I am pretty sure anyone who travels this path has absolutely no idea what they are getting into when they take the first step. I just knew someone needed to step up and take responsiblity, and here I am: Somebody

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