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weekend visitors...

Monday, May 29, 2017
...who came in on Friday, when I was not even here. Not a very auspicious beginning for being a good host to guests. In truth, I had not planned on being on the road, dealing with the auntie in Valdosta when we started making plans for them to come. The simplest explanation is one that is universally true: Life is complicated. In the sense that Murphy's Law will always take precedence.

But arrive they did, before I could get back to town from a day that was a 'stay and see Georgia' tour. Starting with driving from Atlanta almost to Florida and then back to Georgia's West Coast  here on the Chattahoochee River. I will usually be prepared with recorded books to keep my mind occupied, accompany me on my travels. But I was searching the dial, looking for public radio stations this time.

I knew they were coming, and had been adding items to a honey-do list for chores that I would like to accomplish. Some I will eventually get around to doing, but also several I did not have the skills or knowledge to manage on  my own. Much of the benefit/joy of list making is found in being able to mark through things as the project is completed. I am pleased to report a number of things were done.The productivity went on late in the day yesterday.

The two have been busy little bees. Getting things started and finished that were not actually on the list, so: Yay!  In order to be even more efficient and productive, you just add the extras and immediately strike through that addition. As with most homeowner projects, sadly the list is never-ending. But it looks much better this morning than before the diligent pair arrived. Thanks to the two industrious house guests and one nosey dog.

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