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on the surface...

Thursday, May 11, 2017
... at first thought, it seems like such a small thing, to get in your vehicle and travel. But there are people who cannot for any number of reasons. So, though it might on first thought seem to be remarkably unremarkable it is really a matter of perspective. Like most things we take for 'granted', as we go about the routine of our daily business. Should you be a person who does not actually have any 'business' of particular import, then your daily errands or just puttering around.

But when you consider: there are places in the world where that freedom/convenience simply does not exist. In fact, most places.  In reality, almost everywhere on the planet except the continental United States of America will require you to file travel plans that may or may not be approved. Or demand your documents when you attempt to cross any borders. Things you don't ever think about, right?

I went to Montgomery on Wednesday. Had the hardest time trying to figure out what time I should leave home. My appointment was at 8:45, central time. I was thinking that if I left home at 8:45 eastern time, I could be there at 8:45. Like squeezing through a time warp. But when I talked to a couple of people about my plan, they thought it actually takes about 90 minutes rather than an hour. Meaning I would need to leave around eight'ish to be on time. The worst possible for attempting to get out of our driveway with commuters, school buses, car-pool moms, day care vans all converging at that precise time.

While I was traveling halfway across Alabama, the thought occurred to me that no one cares. Unless I do really bad things while driving that would draw unwanted attention to myself, no one would even notice I was there.  I did not need to file any paperwork with a government agency nor gain approval. No travel documents, passports, permission needed.

No one checked my credentials when I crossed the state line, or questioned my motivations. It was an all around non-event. Making me thankful for all the things we enjoy as a result of founding fathers and wording of the US Constitution.

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