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when driving across south georgia...

Wednesday, May 3, 2017
...yesterday, passing through small towns and looking at stuff that is going on every day in those little burgs, I noticed something interesting. There are usually places that are un-manned, requiring no living person for the business to run smoothly.These odd little set-ups that you can go and put your quarters in the slot and get a bag of ice.

Use it to fill your beer cooler, or get your party started. To take into the woods when you are going hunting, or for a family gathering featuring fried chicken, deviled eggs and iced tea. Any reason you would need more ice than your fridge can produce. A pretty ingenious idea, where the owner comes by ever few days and brings more bags of ice and collects the quarters from the drop box.

They've been around awhile, and apparently serve a purpose in little rural communities: open 'round the clock, with no need for the employee to have bathroom breaks, leave for lunch, or take a nap . The newest thing, that takes the 'ice on demand' idea one step further is something not every one could appreciate. It is similar to the big box, placed on a empty corner lot in a small town, that dispenses deer feed. I assume it would operate in a similar manner to the big portable freezers (about the size of a storage pod) that will give a bag of ice after being fed the proper number of coins. And I guess you would have to provide your own bucket to catch the dried shelled corn when it comes tumbling down the little chute.

Then you take your bucket of corn out to where you have rented hunting rights, and spread it out for the deer to find, making them think the Jumbo China buffet is open. After you give them a free meal several times, they have been conditioned to come back to the same place for more feed. But, there you are, up in your tree stand, ready to sight the innocents in your cross hairs. Prepared with your nice big cooler (full of fresh ice, calmly sitting in the tree, ready to kill and dismember the harmless deer for your pleasure and enjoyment.

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