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a remarkably pleasant day...

Monday, May 8, 2017
... but if I had been there in that classroom of five and six year olds by myself, I would be singing a different song. The teacher is one I worked with/for in recent months, in room of about twenty kids. She is, I think, fairly new at the work, but seems to do a great job, has them well in hand. She appears to be organized, capable and good at management/keeping them on task and under control.

I will likely get a couple more days of sub. work before schools are out for summer break after May 26. Even though I think/hope I have fulfilled my obligation of working ten days for the semester. Looking at extra days as 'insurance', plus it will be too easy to spend the little bit of income I will get for doing the occasional fort-holder-down work in the school system.

I am working the rest of this week at my 'real' job.  Though there are only two more weeks before kids are out for summer, think I might get a bit more before the end. Sadly, the school district payroll runs so far behind the actual work calendar,  I know not to count my chickens just yet. It will be nearly time for the teachers to start back in August before the rattling little bit of change I will make gets deposited into my checking.

It was a beautiful sunny, cloudless day. When it was time for the little ones to go out on the playground to run off some steam, I really enjoyed being out in the fresh air and sunshine.  With a little breeze blowing, it was quite pleasant,  and maybe a bit unseasonably cool over the past several days - more like late March or early April than the heat of May. A great day to  be alive.

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