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possibly an update...

Tuesday, January 31, 2017
...on the auntie in south GA. No actual news about the auntie, but here's what I did today: went to the county probate office  down town in the Government Center. Talked to the person/law clerk who does nothing but handle guardianship and conservator cases for the probate judge. Asked a lot of questions and got a sheaf of papers. As you might expect: 'way too much information. I went in asking about the process for establishing guardianship for someone who thinks she does not need any one interfering in her life.

I have not seen or heard from the auntie since before she was discharged against medical advice from the rehab. facility in Berrien County. Although there was a call on my phone a couple of weeks ago. She left a message, asking what she was supposed to do about getting keys for her car. She claimed the people at the dealership said they had instructions from me that she was not allowed to get duplicate keys made to drive.

In a way - that is true. But has nothing to do with me. I have had no conversation with Toyota about having keys made - even though her driving privilege has been revoked by the state department of motor vehicles. I've heard from people in the know that there have been  multiple duplicates made, so apparently she cannot find them. Which is a good thing, as she would be a danger to herself and everyone else out there if she were to attempt to drive.

I honestly do not know what is going on down there. But feel that someone should be taking steps to help manage her care. I believe that something will happen in the near future when she will need assistance, whether she wants it or not. And feel like her family needs to be prepared to step up with the ability to make decisions. No one else seems to be prepared to jump into the fray, so I appear to be 'it'.

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