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while driving across town...

Wednesday, January 18, 2017
...this afternoon returning home from a day in a first grade classroom. I was in traffic at a stop light, behind a vehicle with an interesting license plate: 3NVYNO1. I had to read it several times to finally 'get it' but find it very thought-provoking. It is much more readily understood with a couple of hyphens added, but you are smart enough to figure it out on your own, right?

It was a pretty good day with the six year olds. Fortunately, the regular teacher came in, and provided some instruction, plenty of work for us to accomplish, as well as names of several teachers in adjacent rooms, to call on if needed. There was one little guy who did not have such a great day, and ended up spending the afternoon with a different teacher. I saw her at one point, and she reported he said he was 'bored', which she felt was a good thing - for him to want to return to the classroom as opposed to being isolated from the general population. Otherwise, thankfully un-eventful.

And only eight more days to go to reach ten required to remain in good standing with the school district. I already have another one on my calendar for tomorrow.  Meaning I am nearly one-third of the way towards ten if I survive again on the morrow.  Hope it will be as relatively stress free as today.

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