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addendum to the headlight story...

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

 ...that occurred back in the fall. Sad. And funny. In the way things can be tragi-comic, when you want to be sympathetic, while trying not to laugh. Never a good idea to find amusement in another person's misery, though you are allowed to be thankful it is not happening to you.

Review of part I: You may not remember - so here is the CliffsNotes version: The Man Who Lives Here had a head light go out, and went to the GMC dealership to get it replaced. Mistake #1. Another went out two weeks later, so he went back again. Mistake #2.

I told him after the first tale of woe: "You should have gone to AutoZone. They will sell you the bulb to go in the headlight and install it right there in the parking lot. For no extra charge." But did he listen? Did he heed my wise advice? Did he go back to the dealer the second time? Did he pay them $167 twice to get two headlight bulbs replaced? No. No. Yes. Yes.

Part II: I knew all that because I had to get a light replaced. I was in SC visiting my pen-pal, he took me to AutoZone where I bought a bulb for less than $30. And the clerk said he would put it in for me. But I was not driving my vehicle, so we had to go back to the house and get my car for the guy to install my new bulb. The one thing you need to be careful about is: Do Not Touch The Bulb. Oil from your fingertips will cause it to burn out quickly.

Part III: I had a head light bulb burn out last week, so I went to AutoZone on Saturday to get a replacement bulb. For $14.99.  But by the time I got there, the other one needed to be changed too. So I actually purchased two bulbs that day, and had them both replaced 'right there in the parking lot'. For no extra charge. I did have to buy the $2 kit with the nitrile gloves for the guy to install. But got a 10% 'good customer' discount. Even though I have never been in that store before.

After I got two new bulbs installed, I asked the guy to look in the book to tell me how much replacements for a GMC would cost. After consulting his guide, he reported that it would use the very same ones I just paid $14.99 for. I have decided it would not be helpful to tell him this story.
As much as I do not like to drive his hulking ginormous Acadia, I would have taken it to AutoZone if he had let me. Would not have refused if he had offered to pay me $167 for a new bulb. Or two.  Installed right there in the parking lot. For No Extra Charge.

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