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diggin' into the new year...

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

...making holes and planting things that are much happier in the ground than they would be hanging around awaiting attention. I am so pleased they are planted, in the ground before the rains started. We've had more rain in the past several days. over the New Year weekend, than in preceding months. A long desperate dry spell, resulting in lowered water table, lots of landscaping plants dying. Things that are normally drought resistant appearing like they will not survive. Forest fires everywhere, and loss of personal property as well as many acres of undeveloped or protected lands.

I received some narcissus bulbs, and have 'forced' them to bloom indoors in the past, but decided I would enjoy them more and longer if they were outside. They are not difficult to make bloom inside, in just a saucer with some rocks to stabilize and enough water to encourage the roots to grow. But only marginally successful outdoors if they are forced to bloom without being actually planted the first time. I'm hoping they will start sending up shoots, then bloom where I can see them, planted right near the window where I look out onto the world while typing.

Also received some deciduous holly plants that I am really excited about. They will make colorful berries but loose their leaves in the late fall, to have nothing but showy red fruit in the winter. I planted them in pots and dug a hole in the yard, to put the pots in and cover with mulch. You might not know that a male and female plant are required for berry making. So I have one male plant who will have three wives if they all survive - a family of Mormon hollies?

Then I planted some iris plants that have been sadly neglected for months. In a place that has very poor soil, hard red clay, so I added some of my home-made dirt to give them a good start. A gardening friend gave them in the late summer, when she decided it was time to dig and divide a dense clump. They are up near the street where I planted some other iris last year. The older ones will be purple, and the newest are yellow. There are some spring bulbs dug into the clay bank there also, and a bunch of Easter lily plants rescued from certain death.  Looking forward to spring!

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francinasanders said...

Laughing about your Mormon holly plants.

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