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wondering if...

Wednesday, February 1, 2017
.. it.is possible for a person to volunteer her tail off? If so, I came pretty close today, but I just looked to be sure, and find that my backside is still right where it was this morning. I went to work at 5:00 a.m., to get the three hours I gave up yesterday. Tuesday was a day when there were various opportunities on my calendar, things I had agreed to when I thought I would only be working one day a week for the entire month. Three time/hours were there for the taking, so I took it. Went in again early today to get that extra time on  my paycheck.

Left work at 8:30, to go to the elementary school to read the 'Silly Sally' book with a couple of four year olds. And then went back home. To meet with the man who supervises the landscaping at the golf course across the street. Talking about some thoughts I had for adding some perennials and colorful blooms to the area around the sign, by the entrance. He will get some of his 'free labor' (prison trustees) to trim some of the overgrown shrubbery back. I will put out the word and round up some plants people are ready to divide and relocate them in the bed around the sign.

Met a friend for lunch and laughs. Then I went to Sam's Club to do the shoppping for weekly church needs, delivered and had a quick visit with an amusing friend on staff.  Sounds like a busy day, huh? I came home and took a nap!

Went back downtown to the Girl Scout office for a Gold Awards introduction/training.  There were eight teens there, high-school-aged girls there who are thinking they might want to pursue higher awards. Ready to know how to start the process and what to do. I thought it was very interesting, informative. Not enough for me to wish I was fifteen again, but helpful for knowing how the program works. I hope those young people will want to make time in their busy lives and put forth the effort to invest in this program. Pretty impressive when they do achieve, reach that goal.

So: literacy tutor, church shopper, Girl Scout volunteer. Busy day.

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